Session 042

Journey To Avgard

At the end of the last session we just finished rescuing a bunch of slaves from a group of fire cultists. After escorting them safely to a halfling settlement, we agreed to accompany a handful of refugees to Avgard.

-Moving along a forest with 12 refugees along with a belligerent orc named Kreskil and a human named Kilan. We had just finished setting up camp and were now heading east/north-east towards Avgard.

-In the distance, Geoffrei spots a few trees in the distance which were covered in spider webs. We keep a safe distance to avoid attracting anything as we travel a bit further before setting up camp again for the night. Thankfully, the night passes uneventfully.

-We get everyone up and begin moving again. By mid morning Geoffrei hears some coughing in the distance. We move forward to investigate while Salemar remains with the refugees. Laying on the ground is a wounded human, his skin is glistening and he is coughing up a blue liquid. In between fits of coughing he warns us to stay away from the sickness, how Avgard’s refugee camps were forced out because of it. Bantin puts the man out of his misery.

-We return to the group and decide to move to Avgard anyway heading east towards the main road. Soon we meet a river flowing south, we tie a rope to either side and slowly move everyone across safely. We continue through the forest and finally reach the road where we begin to move north past the crossroad to Tharg-Calan, Hearthsrest and Avgard.

-Along the path Geoffrei becomes concerned that the sounds of the surrounding nature has become silent. We move off the path slightly to avoid any traps, while Searos scouts ahead. He finds someone on a horse waiting by the road, his tabard indicated he was from Avgard. After returning to the group and reporting his findings, Searos convinces Kreskil to stay with the refugees while we confront the guard.

-The guard seems to recognize us when we approach. He explains how we are needed to return to Avgard to help as a sickness is rampaging through the town. We explain how we have a few civilians to return to Avgard and we need to return to bring them along. The Doctor convinces the guard to lend him his tan colored horse.

-Searos remaining hidden this whole time the group returns to retrieve the refugees. When out of sight the Avgard patrolman begins to bolt it down the path towards Avgard. Surprised by this, Searos springs from his hiding spot, readies a prepared lasso, and calls out to the guard. The patrolman curses and takes out his sword and shield and begins to bang them together.

-Rustling from the surrounding bushes a robed figure holding an orb and a lodestone steps onto the path, the stone begins to glows and from a file of stones a gargoyle appears and attacks Searos. Two more green robed figures appear onto the road and seem focused down the path, while two leather armored humans with strange eyes emerge.

-The Avgard guard charges Bantin, knocks him down and follows through with his sword. Two humans with short swords charge the group. Meanwhile one of the lodestones held by the robed figures begin to glow as he motions “end it”, patches of loose sand begin to shift all along the road. The gargoyle grabs Searos and takes off carrying him into the air. All enemies surround Bantin and strike him down. A green robed figure yells “Take him down!!” as they continue to strike at him until he is slain. Afterward the lodestone holder seems satisfied as the stone’s glow fades shortly but begins anew. “What! No!”, he says as another one pulls up their lodestone, and points it towards one of the humans, “She lied! She is also of the Tarmikos line! She must die!!”


SirHC_K ScottHofer

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