Session 044

Avgard Refugee Fever

At the end of the last session we had just got derailed on our way to Avgard by a strange possessed man. He led us to a clearing with a white light in the center. Other figures appeared all gathering around the clearing. Salemar had just struck the ground underneath one of the possessed which seemed to connect with something.

-Another human standing near where the ground was first stabbed begins to tremble violently in place. Salemar moves next to him and similarly stabs the ground but doesn’t feel anything. Standing next to the man Salemar notices his skin is pale and transparent also his eyes are completely white. The man on the ground who was first attacked stops seizing and crumbles.

-Geoffrei approaches the white light and as he gets closer he feels a faint vaccum sensation drawing him closer. Suddenly there is a sound of tearing and bursting into range is a wispy humanoid shape with smoke wings. Scord follows Geoffrei moves into the clearing, examining the strange human-elemental shape. She determines it is a variety of air elemental which cannot fly but possess the ability to launch themselves into the air temporarily. In addition, they are capable of creating violent whirlwinds and are resistant to cold.

-Geoffrei detects some movement from the other side of the clearing. A bolt of water and ice flies towards him, originating from a new humanoid shape. The projectile appears to have been a piece of the attacker that he tore off and launched. More tearing sounds are heard through the forest and three swirling clouds of darkened air move into the clearing. Figures within the maelstroms raise their hands towards Geoffrei and Scord as tight pressure is felt inside their heads. Two other wind human shapes appear as we begin combat. The air hisses as we strike out towards them.

-One of the elementals moves near the center of the clearing and begins to move more fluently through the winds that are gathering there. Brekahn feels the ground tremble as a stony humanoid figure charges at her, it appears to be an elf but with skin made of stone. Salemar hears more thudding coming from the north of the clearing.

-Winds in the center of the clearing begin to pick up, even Geoffrei is having a hard time keeping himself from being tossed up into the air. Meanwhile the elementals are jettisoned by the winds and launched towards us. Two more stone elementals appear around Salemar. Striking the rock elemental causes them to explode with a shower of clay and some of the mud sticking to all who are caught in the burst.

-As the last elemental dies the wind dies down in the center. The light is less thick now and there is a bright blue mist. Geoffrei swings his halberd at the mist and a large blue gem fragments off. Examining the fragment, it doesn’t hold any residual power from what was earlier conjuring strong winds, it appears to be a piece of sapphire. Reaching inside the mist feels cool, a larger cut sapphire is found and now in The Doctor’s possession.

-Geoffrei tries to see if he can detect the signal we told Kilan to give if there was danger, but there is no signal. We head back towards the camp, all the civilians are there and Kilan is crouched behind a bush and steps out when he sees us return. He report that it had been quiet, and we explain how we failed to find the source of the beating wings. We sleep at camp for the night and it passes by uneventfully. At morning Scord sets up an object reading ritual for the recovered sapphire.

-A clear fog is suspended above the gem during the ritual. The blank gray fog takes the shape of a hooded face poised over the sapphire, the hood is moved back and reveals Merrik’s face. Next, we attempt to divine the sapphires purpose; we see a large number of figures who all appear to be sick, a blue square in their midst they convulse and stony and water creatures appear in their place. Next we investigate how it got there; an image of the clearing a shadow passes overhead, it appears to be a horse/eagle with a rider who places the gem on the ground an murmurs some words. The Doctor identifies this creature as a hippogriff. Next is how it was created; a long stone table with arcane implements and runes. A small pile of gemstones are on one side of the table. The sapphire is placed in the center and leylines appear as the sapphire is infused with energies. Finally how to destroy it: and image of a halberd is displayed in the mist.


SirHC_K ScottHofer

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