Session 047

Battling a Beholder

At the end of the last session we found ourselves wondering around a strange world after entering a portal at the Avgard mage’s guild. Searos and The Doctor had been separated from the group shortly upon entering. During our search for the mage’s headmaster Chiswick we now approach a fork in the road, coming from of the paths is the sound of foot steps which belong to Searos and The Doctor as they turn the corner.

-We finally meet back together after being separated in the portal. Moving back to the fork, the pathway shifts different colors one for each path. We head down the path colored purple, feeling a slight chill. 50 feet down red and purple patterns appear, and we eventually see a large stone doorway at the end of the path. The strange murmuring sound around us increases. Geoffrei hears sounds of dripping on the other side of the door. On the other side we find a small chamber stretched out. The source of the dripping is coming from a body floating and bobbing against the ceiling. A section of the wall is disjointed with a handle on it.

-Brekahn manages to catch the corpse with a rope and pulls it towards us. Upon examination we find it appears to have multiple claw marks and lesions long festered. After Searos takes a belt inscribed with runes from the body we continue to move through the room. The floor in this room seems to give in when stepped requiring more effort then normal the traverse the chamber. In the room we find an offset door which opens into a hallway that tapers off into a larger room. The hallways suddenly becomes shadowy, there is a growing mist carrying a thick unpleasant odor with it and a sense of dread emanating from the room at the end of the hallway.

-Moving closer to the room at the end of the hall it is shaped like a large square. Crying can be heard in the back of the room coming from a woman crouched over a body wearing fine robes. Along the back wall there are two reverberating columns emitting an aura of dread as they flicker red. There is a cloud of thicker smoke covering up a runic circle. The murmuring sound that had continued up to this point begins to fade.

-The female shakes her head repeating “All is lost… All is lost…”. We recognize her a the mage’s guild headmistress and the body on the floor looks like Chiswick, the guild Arch mage. His eyes are blank as if he is battling some presence within his mind. Chiswik screams and his arms slump down. The Doctor prepares the reagents necessary for a cleanse disease ritual believing that it will help revive him. Using the sapphire cube, which creates a mist around Chiswik and The Doctor, Geoffrei and Scord are surrounded in mist as they assist with the ritual.

-Suddenly the murmuring starts up again, The Doctor must increase the volume of her prayers. The ritual is finally completed as Chiswik’s breathing slows to a normal rate, the ritual appears to have taken a lot of energy on his part, he now lies in a magic induced sleep.

-The entrance of the room suddenly shrinks to the size of a keyhole, floating through the wall is a beholder! The columns burst flair with a burst of energy causing the head mistress to collapse in terror. The beholder speaks something incomprehensible and the floor expands and tears, opening up rifts on the ground. Eye stalks lash out, a different ray striking each member of the party.

-Moving around the rifts we manage to fell the beholder. The runic circle that was once shrouded in mist reveals a teleportation circle.


SirHC_K ScottHofer

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