Session 048

Grand Theft Box

At the end of the last session we had found Chiswik and the head mistress in the port and had just been ambushed by a beholder. Killing the beholder opened up a teleportation circle returning us back to the mages academy.

-We quickly grab Chiswik and the head mistress and move through the teleportation circle. On the other side we find ourselves in an identical square shaped room. The Doctor checks on the two mages; they both still seem to be in rough shape, although they no longer appear to be struggling with any mental presence.

-Shortly after the head mistress regain consciousness, she is disoriented, we take a moment to explain what happened. Meanwhile spell sword guards file out through an open door. Among them is the guard who first escorted us through the academy premises, he congratulates us for rescuing the arch mage and agrees to bring us to retrieve a package left for us.

-The spell swords summon a floating disk and place Chiswik on it. Meanwhile the guard leads us to the center of the guild where an aid fetches a crate with a rune on it. Touching the rune exposes a list of names belonging to members of the party.

-The crate is nailed together, opening it we find a bag of holding, a sheet of paper with a ‘P’ on it, and also a necklace. The necklace appears to be the third piece of the relics we had been missing. Searos’s cloak and Scord’s necklace are drawn towards it.

-But first Geoffrei reads the note: “Hey guys, sorry for not giving you this. Wasn’t the right time. Hope it’s useful. -P”. Scord heats the paper on a hunch that there may be something else to the note. But she does not find anything out of the ordinary.

-Now that we have rescued the Arch mage, we make plans to visit his chambers to investigate the whereabouts of the mysterious box Marek was interested in. A guide leads us to the living quarters over to a chamber with spell guards on either side of the door.

-We convince the guards to allow us to enter in order to examine the arch mage’s condition. The room is fairly large, many bookcases, a large desk and on a bed in the corner is Chiswik lying there with clerics and mages surrounding him.

-The archmage hasn’t regained consciousness yet, and there is no sign of any box. We decide to leave and go ask the head mistress if she would know anything about the box. Meanwhile Brekahn leaves the room and readies a disguise to infiltrate the guild in search for the box.

-The head mistress tells us about a box, but she doesn’t know what it contains as there were strong powers that prevented any divination. She explains that on one occasion someone tried to take the box. At our request, she agrees to have an assistant create a decoy box for us.

-We head out to a store near the arcane university, when Brekahn reappears with the blue box and hands it over to The Doctor. In the shop, the merchant offers to convert our extra magical items into residual. We break down a few items, then wander around town towards the blacksmith and sell some mundane items (daggers, etc…).

-Next we head over to the inn to get some rest for the night, Searos leaves the inn at night to meet someone about the location of his grandfather. In the morning there are screams and panic as the inn is on fire! The fire appears to be originating from Scord’s room, where she is nowhere to be seen. On the wall there is a symbol representing one of the devil’s of the nine hells.

-The Doctor fetches his horse from the stables next to the inn and notifies some of the cleric who pray to contain the unholy fire and prevent it from spreading. They succeed, but the inn lies in ashes leaving the owner devastated.

-We head over to the head mistress’ office where there is an apprentice concentrating. She is extremely upset as she offers us the duplicate box, explaining an imposter made off with the real box disguised as the head mistress herself.

-Suddenly all three relics pull themselves together merging into a disk. Glowing a golden hue
they split into three different wedges. The head mistress is very confused at this, we take some time to explain some of what is going on. The Doctor says he had a feeling drawing him South-West when the relics joined.

-On the way to the church of Neratha to rendezvous with Merrick. We stop to perform the cure disease ritual who had been suffering from a sickness contracted in our time in the portal. We enter the temple afterwards but don’t see Marek until we enter the courtyard where we meet Marek with the same two guards he has with him earlier as ambassador Jerikar. He explains how the guild master had stole the box from a mage in a rival college, and the power of the box was not important to him only the emotions it had brought out between the two colleges.

-Marek pulls out a scroll and explains how it can be used to create shadowy mounts we can ride and repel the dragon legion’s siege. The ritual requires us to leave town a little ways and access a magical font in order to lengthen the effects of the spell.

-We conclude our business with Marek then head to the commander to inform him of our plans. On the battlements we find a grizzled man, and ask that he position forces at the north eastern section of the wall to cover us as we use the ritual to stall the army as the townspeople retreat to the south. The commander agrees and would have the mages send a flare when the town has finished evacuating.


SirHC_K ScottHofer

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