Session 050

Story of the Siege Enders: Part 1

At the end of the last session we had just finished dispatching a small platoon of lizard folk on the way to the font outside of Avgard. Once we arrived there, we summoned some shadow dragons which would hopefully enable us to stall the dragon army long enough for the people of Avgard to escape.

-Whatever presence that had been unleashed at the font and alerted the surrounding forces had faded from concluding the ritual.. We mount the dragons and hover just above the trees, we can see the archers stationed at Avgard lined up on the battlements. Looking around we also notice some areas that have been cleared of trees to towards the West; specks of red light coming from what we can only assume is campfires and judging from the number, it appears to be quite a large force. Gliding along, we decide to head to the nearest campfire, we see a number of lizard folk sitting around a fire, they seem fairly relaxed. We decide to jump them even though we judge at this distance the archers will be unable to assist us.

-Brekahn leads the charge against 6 lizard folk, all of whom appear to be grunts (no leader). She and Salemar charge one of the lizard folk and bloody him off the hop. Geoffrei follows after and cleaves the guy in half. The Doctor charges a new target, his dragon takes a bite out of a different enemy. Searos follows the rear and unleashes and flurry of daggers at the remaining 5 reptiles. We slay 2 more, one heavily wounded lizard folk takes off yelling for help. We manage to finish all of them, but there is a definite stirring around us.

-We take flight once more among the trees. Off to the North-West some shapes with bat like wings whip quickly in our direction. We move towards a clearing hoping to draw them into the range of the archers, we line ourselves at the tree line next near Avgard. The shapes fan out before converging towards us for a 3 pronged attack. As they approach we can see that they are more lizard folk, except they are riding what appears to be lions with bat wings and spiked tails, called manticores. In addition, the riders seem to be covered with a reflective liquid as they carry a rod attached to the manticore’s neck.

-They surge forward simultaneously, the manticores retaliate our attacks with a whip of it’s spiked tail while the riders launch globules of green acid. A volley of arrows rain down at the manticores from our archer allies. We slay one of the manticores, causing it’s rider to plummet to his doom. The sound of horns grows louder and there are trashing sounds through the forest as a series of spears fly at us. The number of spears thrown in our direction continue to increase as torches amass in the background. Four more manicore shapes take flight in the distance, larger numbers mobilizing towards us. Even some larger figures wearing feathered headdresses can be seen among the regular lizard folk.


SirHC_K ScottHofer

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