Session 051

Story of the Siege Enders: Part 2

At the end of the last session we had just stopped the first wave of manticores sieging Avgard with the help of our shadow dragon mounts. In the distance more manticores and lizard folk can be seen moving towards us

-We take a moment to regroup and realign ourselves against Avgard’s outer wall with the archers up top. As the manticores get closer it appears that some have multiple riders. There are 4 manticores, two of which have 4 passengers each. Brekahn and Salemar focus one of the manticores carrying 4 lizard folk, but are both stuck with manticore spines. The single rider manticores continue to fire bolts of acid, one fires a splash of colorful rays at Geoffrei blinding him.

-A loud hissing sound can be heard from the forest as a block humanoid shape with a large blade emerges from the surrounding forest. The manticores with 4 rides move towards the top of the wall tossing weapons at the archer’s, killing one. Geoffrei pulls one rider off him mount and he suffers a painful death smashed on the ground. The black humanoid spirit reaches out towards The Doctor, he becomes smoky and incorporeal as he looses vision of everyone except the specter.

-The battle weighs a heavy toll on our mounts. Salemar’s sustains heavy damage from the spears and it dissipates, he floats down to the ground in the center of a group of lizard folk. What is now a thick shower of javelins fly at Geoffrei but he sustains very little damage. In the distance more manticores and platoons can be seen approaching. After defying all the attempts of the lizard folk, Geoffrei remains strong mocking the army’s attempts. They instead focus their efforts on his dragon, which dissipates leaving him surrounded by a plethora of enemies. But yet again he denies them purchase as he leaps over them all, easily clearing the distance from the trees towards the wall. The ground forces hang back at the tree line attacking Geoffrei at the base of the wall until he blasts up it and onto The Doctor’s mount.

-The archers have now retreated behind the wall after receiving orders to withdraw and defend the inner city. We all regroup at the top of the battlements, with only a few surviving mounts a few of us have to share. Above the trees more manticores approach…


SirHC_K ScottHofer

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