Bantin Tarmikos

Brekahn's Dad. Deceased.


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level 1
Human, Ranger
Build: Two-Blade Ranger
Fighting Style: Two-Blade Fighting Style
Ranger: Running Attack

Str 18, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8.

Str 16, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8.

AC: 16 Fort: 16 Reflex: 15 Will: 12
HP: 29 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 7

Dungeoneering +6, Nature +6, Acrobatics +7, Athletics +8, Perception +6, Heal +6

Arcana, Bluff -1, Diplomacy -1, Endurance, History, Insight +1, Intimidate -1, Religion, Stealth +2, Streetwise -1, Thievery +2

Human: Spiked Chain Training
Level 1: Weapon Focus (Light Blade)

Bonus At-Will Power: Twin Strike
Ranger at-will 1: Hit and Run
Ranger at-will 1: Shield of Blades
Ranger encounter 1: Off-Hand Strike
Ranger daily 1: Jaws of the Wolf

Spiked chain, Hide Armor, Adventurer’s Kit
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In Brief:
A former caravan guard, Bantin ‘Bant’ Tarmikos retired from a fairly uneventful career after winning some money in an archery competition, with the intent of starting a family. Five years and one failed carpentry business later, Bantin has discovered that domestic life is simply a different name for boredom.
Bantin has promised his wife and four year old son that he will get his caravan post back and send home a portion of his wages, but has actually gone straight to the nearest tavern to seek out one last adventure.

Bantin is the only son of a wealthy and successful carpenter, and has had an easy life with little hardship. He chose to rebel against his fathers wishes and trained in archery and combat, opposed to the family trade. Joining up with a trade caravan as a guard, Bantin saw very little combat, and even then it was just the occasional robbers. After winning an archery competition, he quit his job and married the daughter of one of the caravan’s regular travellers.
Retirement didn’t suit Bantin. After funds ran low he tried to return to carpentry, but found himself regretting not paying attention to his father’s teachings. Staying in combat practice was made difficult by his wife’s fear of weapons and violence, so he took to training with an improvised spiked chain. He grew to despise the life he had made for himself, turning to drinking to cope.
Now, word of mouth has ruined Bantin’s carpentry business, and he has vowed to provide for his family, but on his own terms. He just hopes that he’s not too out of practice to accomplish that.
Bantin is fairly unheard of throughout the region, and even then he’s known as a lousy carpenter. He figures the best way to remedy that is to join a group of adventurers and make some kind of name for himself.

Cayliassa: Bantin’s wife, and the daughter of a merchant, Calyiassa abhors violence, going as far as to ban weapons from the family home. She looks after Bantin’s young son, Willamin, at their home.

Carter: The only friend left over from his caravan days. Carter has promised to look after Bantin’s family and make sure they get the money he sends for them.

-Having one last adventure before returning to family life
-To earn enough money to provide for his family
-Establishing a namesake or legacy

Bantin Tarmikos

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