Garbok Bloodbane

Warrior-Champion, Prince of the Bloodbane Dragonborn


AC: Higher than Salemar Valevi
Fort: Higher than Salemar Valevi
Ref: Higher than Salemar Valevi
Will: …Higher than Salemar Valevi? Perhaps not.


Breath Weapon [Fire] (like virtually all pure Bloodbane )
Bigass Greatsword
Tratnyr (Dragonborn designed throwing spear )


Speed: Faster than Salemar Valevi (on account of wearing Scale Armour )
Height: Slightly taller than Salemar Valevi
Weight: Slightly bulkier than Salemar Valevi

  • Firstborn son of the patriarch of the Bloodbane Dragonborn, the most powerful of all the dragonborn clans of the Irontree Basin.
  • Not quite a year older than Salemar Valevi, the two were educated in the same group of hatchlings for years before the Valevis were exiled from the clan for being unable to prove their proper lineage.
  • Raised with all the benefits of a powerful family and received the best martial training an aspiring warrior could hope for.

Recent Events

  • Garbok had a series of visions about the old Arkhosian Empire, foretelling that a new Emperor would rise and bring back glory to the clans. As the one chosen for these visions, he announced that he would undertake a great journey to find the ancient dragon statues, lost for centuries, that would be the hallmark of the new Emperor. There was great fanfare and celebration across the clans that followed him the entire way to Charna, infecting even the non-dragonborn citizens with excitement. There, to tumultuous cheering, he set out via ship to begin his quest alone, bound for destinations unknown.
  • The party encountered Garbok at Fort Spinebreaker, a Bladesworn outpost at the northern edge of the Spinebreaker mountains on the border of the Quorith Plains. He was trying to recruit volunteers to go with him to the slopes of the Frostpeaks. When he got over the shock of seeing Salemar ‘Bookmarker’ Valevi out in the wide world, he tried convincing him and his companions, softskins though they might be, to join up with him for great glory and to perhaps redeem Salemar’s family name. They declined, and Garbok scornfully went north alone.

Garbok Bloodbane

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