Paradox Aedrenica

Eladrin Wizard. MIA



His parents were notorious spellcasters – the most powerful around. So powerful in fact, that their own power drove them to madness. It was said that they decided to test their skills against one another, to see who was more powerful. As they began conjuring their arcane magic, each new spell besting the previous, the spells grew out of control, resulting in a blast that seemed to have killed them both. The boy witnessed this and feared for the worst as his parents lay motionless on the floor.
Being a child no older than five with no known proficiency in the arcane arts or healing of his own, he ran out into the streets begging for help. It was then that a cloaked man, later known as Morningstar, asked the boy to guide the way back to the house to show him what had happened. Upon realizing who these two were that lay unconscious at his feet and contemplating what this boy could potentially become, he asked the boy if he had told anyone else of the matter.
Upon confirmation that no one else knew, the cloaked man kidnapped him and took him to the Dark Mines of Ithacar, an underground city that housed a secret training ground for the group of assassins collectively known as The Silence. It was on the training grounds that he met Elektra, and the two would fall in love. The two became close – too close for Morningstar’s liking. One day, when Elektra and Morningstar’s right hand, Arkade, were completing a contract in a nearby city, Elektra noticed a woman in the market who wore a locket of a young boy around her neck that she realized was Paradox. Arkade made her swear not to say a word to Paradox about it. That night, although she kept her word in not mentioning it to Paradox, Arkade saw her whisper to Paradox from afar and he reported his concerns to Morningstar. Fearing that this girl would destroy everything he had worked so hard to develop in Paradox since he was a boy, he had her killed, staged to make it look like an accident.
Elektra’s death gave rise to something deep within Paradox. It was in that moment of confused, raging emotion that a powerful magic surged from within, but it was so great that it knocked him unconscious. When he came-to, it seemed he had no recollection of the recent turn of events – neither his use of magic nor the death of Elektra. Seeing that the magical arts had surfaced in him after all these years, Morningstar seized the opportunity, and encouraged him to practice his magical skills while he fed him the lie that Elektra had left The Silence in pursuit of a normal life. He appears to accept this and continues to do Morningstar’s bidding.
His nickname “Blackout” comes as a result of this time.


Godric the Mistgiver : An oracle capable of extremely accurate visions of the future, but only up to one day in advance. Beyond that, the accuracy of his visions may be more misleading than anything. Paradox trusts him and goes to him to get additional information on contracts before taking out a mark. Godric would never lie to Paradox, nor keep information from him.

Illyana Mmsh: An innocent, sweet old lady who lives in a nearby city. Paradox met her a long time ago in the city of after taking out his first mark as a boy. The job didn’t go as smoothly as expected and he was chased through the streets, that is until Illyana opened her door to let him in so he could hide until he felt it was safe to leave. Her house is like a library – full of books on the magical arts that interest Paradox. He sees her as a grandmother and visits her before and after every contract is completed now, reading her books on magic with great interest. She doesn’t appear to be a magic user herself.

Deathblade the Shadowstalker: A fellow assassin who is the top student among The Silence, but has felt threatened by Paradox’s potential ever since he was brought in by Morningstar. He is always in competition with Paradox and the two duel constantly, with Deathblade always getting the upper hand, though not by much. He’s cocky and self-centred, but has every right to be as the best assassin there is. Paradox is always tempted to use his magic on him, but resists.

Memories, Quirks, Mannerisms:

He remembers his parents talking about a secret basement cellar they had, although he was never allowed in the basement and does not know why.
He overhead a conversation between Morningstar and Arkade a few years after becoming an assassin about his parents’ affinity to magic and how magic – powerful magic – is in his genes. This piqued his curiosity and it was shortly after that he met Illyana where he found the books that helped him develop his magic over the years.
He still has his mother’s pendant around his neck, a small silvery chain that seems to glow a faint blue light in the darkness. He doesn’t know what it does or if it does anything out of the ordinary. It could be a key of some sort, or amulet that could reveal something under the right conditions…
He likes to look good.

Paradox Aedrenica

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