Salemar Valevi

A Dragonborn Warlord looking to find his clan and re-establish the Arkhosian Empire


The Valevi family has no clan affiliation, unlike most Dragonborn. While the family claimed to be a part of the Bloodbane clan, their membership was contested, and found to be false by the clan’s historians. Confronted with this information, the able-bodied members of the family protested against the slanderous aspersions, but could not find any evidence to prove otherwise, and were subsequently slain by clan members. Being spared due to yet being a hatchling, Salemar thus grew up with no parents, only a grandfather, well aged and well versed in combat having experienced it all his life. He taught Salemar to be an honourable warrior, and entrusted him with a standard with a dragon’s head on it, and a mission to discover their true clan. Because of this, Salemar has studied some history, though every clue he has yet followed has proved fruitless. As time passes, the young Dragonborn finds that his physical prowess has proved far more useful than his tutelage as a historian. Despite this, he is honour-bound to fulfill his promise to his grandfather, and thus will travel with any whom he thinks may take him into ancient Arkhosian ruins and those of the Bael Turath where he may investigate.

Additional Info
• Hatched from a silver egg with red streaks, instead of the red eggs common to the Bloodbane clan. This led to the investigation into the family’s lineage, though Salemar is not aware of this.
• Salemar has always been proud of his breath, being one of the few to breath acid. Even in his family he is the only one to do so.
• His childhood name is Bookmarker. As is customary, his grandfather used it in his training when he disapproved of Salemar’s actions or progress.

• To discover his lineage and redeem his family
• To subsequently recreate the lost clan of his family should it no longer exist
• Finally, to rebuild a new Arkhosia with his clan as that favoured by the new emperor
o This will require convincing a gold dragon to sit on the throne, or somehow become golden in order to rule the empire himself, as the coloration of the emperor is important

Salemar Valevi

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