Searos Gladdenstone

Halfling rogue


10 Minute Background Descriptive stuff

1) After several invasions by the surrounding humanoids upon their small settlement of halflings (which resulted in the death of his mother and father) it became apparent that they would be unable to defend themselves from this increasing threat. The settlers concluded the wisest decision would be to sever their ties with the surface races and burrow under the base of a mountain. So it came to pass, He & his twin sister Eida were raised by their grandfather in this small halfling settlement burrowed near an abandoned Dwarven mine shaft.

2)Curiosity and a fondness for adventure sparked within him a rebellious urge to leave the settlement, which conflicted with the strict rules enforced by the elders in the settlement forbidding anyone to return to the surface.

3)Seeking to renew his people’s faith in humanity, he makes several trips to the surface. Learning of this disobedience, Elders decide the best course of action would be to banish him. So he is regretfully forced to leave behind his sister and grandfather. But vows to return one day to show them a better life.

4)Hoping to live life as an adventurer, he makes his way to nearest Karthian city to look for work. However, the only people who would open their arms to him are a shady group of bandits known as The Black Fang; who specialize in raiding low protected caravans traversing trade routes. The goods they obtained are sold to less than honest merchants or ones threatened by the Fang to sell their goods in exchange for their “protection”. This provided interesting opportunities for Searos, and where he gathered many contacts which aided in building a strong sense of streetwise as well as introduced him to wielding a blade.

5)Living in the shadows as a bandit has given him a distaste for profiting at the expense of others, and once the opportunity presented itself, he dropped his responsibilities as a Black Fang. Now, with increased knowledge and skills in the world he pursues his original plan to become an adventurer.


1) Etched in his mind is the sad face of his dear sister when he was torn from her side. He regrets very much having to leave his family. Through hardships he often reflects upon this image for the strength to carry on.

2) Searos remembers his first caravan raid. The panic, fear and agony of the merchants as their goods were stolen and they were left for dead haunt his conscience. Searos suppreses much guilt from the events that took place in the Black Fang. Deep down he doesn’t know if he could ever be absolved of his sins.

3) Searos remembers the day his parents died. He was young at the time but still he can recall the feeling of worthlessness as he could do nothing to protect them.

Searos Gladdenstone

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