Background info
1. Voice’s mother is an elf who was raped by a human. Because of this, she was raised to have a strong prejudice against humans, especially men.
2. Voice believes that the elemental creatures are offensive and unnatural. She is among those who believe they should be destroyed at any cost.
3. Voice’s mentor was an Elven Druid named Pyrophosphate. He was chosen by her mother, though Voice has never liked him. He sees Voice as a child and treats her like one in the respect that he is much too friendly with her; he does not respect her boundaries and usually tries to constantly hug her.
4. Voice met a human once while walking in a forest. Having never met a human before, she did not realize that this person who introduced herself as Aiki was anything other than an Elf. Voice did, however, notice that Aiki acted somewhat different than the Elves she knew but assumed that was because she was a Shaman. (Voice had also never met a Shaman before) They spent only a short time together but became fast friends. When Voice discovered that Aiki was human, she began to question her feelings toward humans.
5. Voice had often been offered chances to accompany the Druids who traveled far away in search of elementals. She always turned these offers down because she was content staying where she lived. After meeting Aiki, however, she decided that she needed to develop her own opinion on the world and finally accepted the offer to travel with the other Druids.
6. Voice has black hair, pale skin and usually wears dark clothing.

1. Voice wants to help fix the elemental chaos that has befallen the world, and in her travels see the world through clear, unbiased eyes.
2. I would like for Voice to meet up with Aiki again sometime. Or get a pet fox. >_>

1. Voice’s secret is that she is in love with her friend Aiki. She must keep this a secret because Aiki is not only human, but is also female.
2. The secret Voice doesn’t know is that Pyrophosphate, her mentor, is on the side of those who wish to help the elementals. He has been working with groups to release them into the world.

People tied to Voice
Pyrophosphate: Voice’s mentor, a skilled Elven Druid. He trained Voice since she was a child and is very fond of her. He is secretly working to help the elementals. He has white hair, very pale skin and usually wears light clothing.

Aiki: A human who met Voice in a forest. She is very kind and attuned with nature. Aiki is a Shaman who travels the world, trying to deal with the elementals as peacefully as possible. She has long red hair.

Cymric: One of the Archdruids in Voice’s circle. Voice is very close to him and admires his skill as a Druid. He is like a father to her and the only person she spoke to about Aiki because she trusts him more than anyone.

Mannerisms, Memories, and Quirks
1. Voice tries to suppress her prejudice towards humans when she meets them. This takes great effort, though, as she has hated them her whole life. Sometimes, the occasional snide comment slips out when she isn’t concentrating on being polite.
2. Voice is relatively independent and prefers to keep to herself, especially around strangers. This is a result of living in a small community and rarely encountering new people.
3. Voice is a kind, compassionate person to nearly everyone and everything, save humans and elementals. She loves animals and has been known to try to keep any animal she sees as a pet.


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