Ritualist's Font (Sapphire)

A damaged sapphire cube

  • Each night at midnight the cube replenishes itself, absorbing energy from the world around it and storing it. This stored energy can be used to fuel 500gp worth of ritual components required to perform rituals based on the arcana, religion, and heal skills.

Tied within the cube is the bound essence of air taken from a cloud in the elemental chaos. Some of this power slips out each day through the damaged area of the cube.

The party acquired this cube after following a human afflicted by the elemental plague to a clearing in the Tarnwood. The cube was powering a bonus plus two ritual that served as a catalyst for the plague, ushering the nearby afflicted directly to the final stage of the disease, at which point they were all taken over by elemental spirits.

Scord performed a ‘Know Object’ ritual on the cube and, amongst other things, determined that Marek was involved in its creation.

Ritualist's Font (Sapphire)

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