Session 008
Just Passin' Through: A Tale of Tossed Books
  • Proceeding further into the ruins, the group finds themselves heading towards another large cavern, in which some kind of ritual is taking place. Six pillars have been placed at the far end of the room, which create a half-circle around a large sand-filled hourglass. Two tieflings seem to be performing the ritual, while various other members of their group are moving supplies around in large crates and barrels.
  • The adventurers approach the unsavoury characters and proclaim that they were sent through the castle by the same employers to ensure that no one would interfere with the ritual. The bluff seems to function well enough, until Salemar blunders by saying that they’ll just pass through the other way to continue on their watch, despite no other entrance to the cave being available. The realization that such an error has occured prompts Searos and Geoffrei to hurl various objects at the nearest enemy, starting combat.
  • The fight commences with a clashing of the melee forces of the two sides, while Paradox engages in a battle of wills with the two tiefling who maintain the barrier around the pillars preventing the entry of anyone else. With some clever positioning, Paradox is able to pull both of the tieflings into a tight area charged with electricity, which zaps them repeatedly. Meanwhile, the other enemies are being defeated one after the other, despite the assistance the tieflings occasionally offer them when they aren’t focusing on defeating Paradox.
  • Eventually the battle of the minds wearies the tieflings, while they bodies begin to fail them as well. Paradox succeeds in weakening them to the point that their barrier crumbles, allowing the rest of the group to access the area closest to the hourglass. As the last tiefling falls, the hourglass itself shatters, spilling sand all over the floor. The glowing symbols on the pillars also fade away as their controllers perish.
  • Investigating the room for treasure and whatnot, the group finds surprisingly little of value. However, they do find a portal rune-circle which is connected to unknown destinations. Deciding that it would be unwise to rest in a room where assailants could portal in at any time, Paradox quickly obtains rubbings of the pillars and the portal runes, and the group proceeds to exit the room.
  • Traveling back through the complex, they once again arrive at the room with the Tarmikos revenant. He seems to be fading, as if his life force is being siphoned away by some unseen agent. The group figures that this is being caused by the necromancer that is still lurking within the castle somewhere. The ghost leaves behind his sword, which Salemar takes up in his stead.
  • Proceeding upstairs, the group finds that the wounded man they left with the centipede bits has been carried away, but has left the centipede bits behind. The group assumes that the villagers have escaped successfully.
Session 007
How to Defeat Inanimate Objects in 12 Easy Steps
  • Finding themselves with a choice of two rooms upon entering the door from the previous session, the group elects to go straight ahead instead of using the door to the right. Opening the door, they find upturned tables fashioned into crude barricades. Peering out from behind the barricades are a group of scared men, tattered and bruised from their encounters with the undead and other foes in the castles. The leader of the group asks if the adventurers mean to finish them off, but are delighted to discover that no, they are not on the menu.
  • After a brief exchange of information, the adventurers elect to aid the ragtag band of peasants back to the surface so that they may have a chance of making it back to town. The adventurers cover the way while the men go back the way they came, and then decide to investigate the yet unused doorway, knowing that by the process of elimination the necromancer must have gone this way. Traveling down a passageway, the group finds an offshoot tunnel, and decides to check it out. They eventually find a carving in the wall which can move, which seems to coincide with a message they found in the crypt room that failed to be mentioned in that session’s journal entry. After trying many different options, the group eventually determines that the answer is H Y M N. The door opens, revealing the Tarmikos treasury. The most memorable piece found is the Tarmikos family armor, which Bantin claims as his birthright and no one really cares enough to argue about it.
  • Heading back the way they came, the group comes to a larger chamber, in which they see a presumably undead man, perhaps a wraith or a gaunt or somesuch being clad in heavy armor with a darkly glowing longsword. A battle between the two forces seems imminent, as surely the being is a servant of the necromancer, but upon exclaiming that Bantin is a Tarmikos, the revenant stops its advance. It explains that it is the guardian of the Tarmikos estate, bound there for a very long time. It expresses relief in knowing that a Tarmikos yet lives, and that there is a hope that he will be relieved of his duty soon. The group asks the revenant several questions, but it is either unwilling or unable to assist with the requests. He allows the group to pass, which they do.
  • Further into the complex, the group discovers what appears to be prison cells. The group investigates the cells and finds the remains of a dragonborn prisoner, who had with him a journal and several red dragon statues. Upon touching one of the statues, Salemar is given a vision, and the statue stripes itself with silver. Finding no other treasure, the group continues through the prison and eventually comes to a large room featuring a large statute holding a sword and 2 dragon statues at the far end.
  • Entering the room commences combat between the group and the statues. Despite their immobile nature and inability to do anything if properly avoided, the group finds themselves locked in harrowing combat entirely of their own accord. Searos sets to work disabling the large statue’s spinning mechanisms, which Bantin runs forward and gets trapped behind a forcefield with some urns that begin spilling water into the confined space. Fortunately for him, Paradox lends him a hand in destroying the urns, as his magic can pass through the barrier unhindered. Meanwhile, Geoffrei charges the inanimate dragon statues and dines on a nonstop buffet of air-based force blasts. Searos joins him upon completing the deactivation of the larger statue, and the two spend a fairly long time smashing the dragon statues unnecessarily. Bantin eventually escapes from the urn’s trap, though it is a lot closer of a call than one would expect. Salemar wonders why the statues needed destroying at all, since they were entirely avoidable.
Session 006
It's dangerous to sit alone! Take these.
  • Upon reaching the far side of the moat, the group decides that they should discuss how to best breach the castle. Deciding that using the front gate is just too easy, they begin searching for secret entrances because all good castles have them.
  • After searching for a bit, a secret entrance is found, and the group gathers to enter it. They proceed in single file through a corridor and emerge in a large room within the keep. Upon investigating the room, the group finds some fairly unimportant papers, but Bantin recognizes something far more important. His family coat of arms rests on the mantle, despite his supposedly humble origins!
  • Deciding that he owns the castle, Bantin pleads with the group to not “wreck up the place” but no one else really cares.
  • Deciding that the people and items they are looking for are not in this room in the castle, the group proceeds out to a hallway. Having to decide between going out to the courtyard or through to another room once in the hallway, the group elects to not go through the courtyard because bad things happen in wide open spaces. Proceeding to the other room, the group discovers a staircase that leads to the basement of the castle. Placed up against the side of the staircase is a wounded townsfolk, who has clearly suffered some terrible blows in combat.
  • Upon talking to the man, they learn that the others he came with have ventured below, and had claimed they would return for him once they retrieved the statues they were after. The group attempts to dress the man’s wounds, and does so with mixed success. Since he will not come with the group due to his injuries, the group decides to leave him with a torch and some centipede bits, because those will help ever so much. The man looks at the group as if they are crazy, and the group proceeds down below.
  • Traveling through corridors in the basement of the castle, the group discovers a chamber filled with sarcophagi, and discern through the records in the room that these men are the ancestors of the Tarmikos family. An investigation/attempted looting takes place, but nothing of real value is found. Salemar is wary of the skeletons and their tricksy ways, and thus prepares a solid punch for a skeleton as he checks it, because this is a good plan.
  • Suddenly the door at the far end of the room opens, and a hand beckons to the undead in the room, causing them to reanimate. The group finds themselves engaged with the fallen Tarmikos clan, who are equipped with their rusted old swords and warped bows. Finding no solution other than fighting, the group resolves to smash up all of Bantin’s relatives, and do so without much difficulty. The group then chases after the necromancer who must have summoned the skeletons, but do not find him on the other side of the door.
Session 005
Details are Hazy and for Suckers
  • Resuming where the last session left off, the adventurers proceed to exit the cave, and climb back up the cliff despite a fair bit of acrobatics needed to secure certain slippery, discoordinated wizards. Stopping at the glacier, the group takes the time to collect some of the water from the glacier in a vial to take it back to town. Once some samples have been secured, the group continues back to town at a semi-leisurely pace.
  • Upon arriving in town, the group spreads out to once again make contact with the people of interest in Winterhaven. The glacier water samples are given to Estevan, while the fiery animal hide is given to the local leatherworker with some coin in the hopes of having him produce some exceptional hide armour out of it. The group then meets with Rond Kelfem, who pays them for their good work in clearing out the kobolds. The additional details of the encounters provided by the group trouble the guardsman.
  • Upon returning to Valthrun, he provides the group with very little information, but asks the group to collect some books that may be of some use for them from an old, abandoned castle to the North North-East of the town. The group acknowledges this request, wishing to at this time keep their options for adventuring open.
  • The group decides at this point, due to the lateness of the day, to retire to the inn for drinks and rests. The inn seems quieter than it was before, and many of the men that were gathered there previously are not there. The group kinda likes the quietness, overall.
  • The next day, the group contacts Ninaran, who is found about town with another Elf guy, who is clearly a totally nice and trustworthy dude, as he is a Homeguard, a soldier of Nerathia charged with the safety of its towns and cities. The party tells Ninaran of what they found in the Kobold cave, and then they did what was necessary to ease the suffering of the last of her companions. She is sad, but understanding, and offers no material reward for what the group went through.
  • The group wanders back into the tavern, where they are told that a group of clearly unskilled individuals has decided to head up to the castle on the hill to look for dragon statues that will fix all their problems. Deciding that this will most likely result in dead peasants, which isn’t good, the group decides they should assist these individuals by finding them, and then carrying back those that have not yet been blended, masticated or devoured whole.
  • With all plot hooks pointing to a single location {:p}, the group finds itself compelled to head to the castle. They brave muddy slopes and rainy weather, but manage to scale the mountain with surprisingly little difficulty. Upon reaching the castle, they find the drawbridge still drawn up, and have no clue how the villagers would have gotten inside. To cross, the group first decides to fire an arrow attached to a rope to the drawbridge. Bantin assaults the drawbridge so forcefully that he manages to puncture the intensely thick and solid wood, and everyone is very impressed.
  • Unfortunately, the noise of the group attracts the attention of various insects living in and around the moat. The party only notices the threat once several members have descended into the shallow water of the moat, seperating the party somewhat. Geoffrei and Bantin go toe to toe with some large fire beetles and swarms of smaller chittering bugs, while the rest of the group tosses various weapons and spells at some acid lobbing beetles on the other side of the moat. Once most of the bugs have been dispatched, the rest strangely retreat back down their holes where the party cannot follow…well except for Searos but like hell he’s gonna cram himself down a hole to finish off a giant beetle.
  • At this point the group begins the process of crossing the moat once again, and manages to complete the endeavor without further interruptions of a chitinous nature. Finding themselves on the other side of the moat, the group begins discussing how to best breach the castle.
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    Session 004
    Jaw-Dropping Excitement
    • The group continues on their way, having finished their rest in the room off to the side of the corridor. Paradox recovered some papers for deciphering from the room, but aside from that not much else was present.
    • Following the corridor, the group finds themselves approaching a large, open, subterranean cavern filled with stalactites. The group can also make out some forms in the cavern, and attempt to approach stealthily, which fails. This leads to a large kobold with a steel jaw and a pale bluish complexion shouting at them, and a battle commences.
    • The group approaches the large kobold, intent on massacring him, when their efforts are endangered by a pair of casterly kobolds who share the same affinity for frost magic, as hinted by their similarly bluish complexions. They bombard the party with large gales of chilling wind, and icicles are hurled around, injuring the party. Thus, the party separates to deal with these threats, when suddenly a second kobold who excels in the sneaking arts jumps in behind those fighting the kobold leader and catch them in a “double-flank sandwich”. Despite some close calls, the party manages to defeat the kobold leader and his allies, only to have them erupt into frost elementals once their mortal shell has been sundered. The party manages to defeat these as well, and then search for spoils of war without having ever bothered dealing with the stalactites.
    • Searos finds a frost shortsword on the sneaky kobold, which he decides to use as his new weapon. Salemar collects the kobolds’ standard to bring back to town, while Bantin decides to take the steel jaw of the kobold’s leader, intent on using it to scare other kobolds or sell for scrap.
    • The group then notices that there is a hidden room to the side of the large cavern, and inside they find a dying comrade of Ninaran, who tells the party of the wicked dealings the kobolds had, and urges them to finish him off. After an attempt at healing him fails, the party does so. They then grab treasure, and leave the caves and head back towards town to inform their Winterhaven allies of what they know about the plot that seems to be unfolding.
    Session 003
    Caves and Pits...Featuring a Rock
    • An investigation of the battle site post-battle reveals several items of interest. The orb that was being used as a focal point for the portal is stabilized, and Paradox takes it as his new implement as it has useful magical properties. One of the fiery hound’s hides is also recoverable, and is taken by Geoffrei in hopes that it can be crafted in town
    • The party decides that the cave must be investigated, and make preparations to lower themselves down to the cave below. It is decided that the most awesome way to accomplish this is to all rappel down individual ropes at once, instead of employing a safer “one at a time with support” strategy. Paradox finds his newly acquired orb to be more cumbersome than expected, and falls down the final stretch of rope. This will be the first of many falls, the group suspects.
    • Upon entering the dark cave, the adventurers are forced to walk single-file, as that is all the cave can accomodate. They proceed by light of Paradox’s spell applied to a rock in Geoffrei’s hand, coupled with the shifter’s keen eyes and exceptional perception. The group eventually progresses far enough to hear talking in a room at the end of the tunnel, and a decision is made to charge into the room, causing the commencement of this week’s encounter.
    • The group fights an assortment of kobolds, who are positioned on top of a 10 foot wall at the far end of the room, with 2 rows of caskets and a pit of green goo between the two groups. The kobolds clearly have the advantage, and the group is able to identify the source of the commotion as being an argument between the kobolds as to who gets to hold a large rock attached to the roof by a length of rope.
    • The fight goes fairly well, with the heros managing to vault over the walls with relative ease, though no epic pole-vaulting attack maneuvers manage to succeed. The only real danger appears when a pair of ferocious animals that were behind the doors that were left closed by the party are alerted to its presence by a sun rod dropped near them. The beasts are all slain eventually though, and the group collects some of the goo from the pit in a vial for later use, as well as some cruddy weapons for selling later.
    • The group continues down the corridor and take refuge in a room off to the side to take a rest, ending their adventure here for the day.
    Session 002
    Clearings and Rifts
    • The party arrives in Winterhaven. After seeing Estevan properly established in the market square, trips are paid to the local blacksmith, leatherworker, tavern, and the militia barracks.
    • While at the inn, the party overhears a conversation between locals about a treasure hunter, Douven Stahl, who has ventured into an old keep to the north, purportedly to secure some ancient Nerathian artifacts that will protect the town.
    • Searos investigates the home of the town sage, Valthrun, who hasn’t been seen in a few days. A light is on in the back room, but the doors are locked. He fails to pick the lock on the front door and returns to the inn.
    • The head of the local militia, Rond Kelfem, meets with the party. He enlists the party’s help in ridding the town of their kobold problem, since they handled the attack on the wagon well. He has never heard of a cave to the north, and seems puzzled to hear of one.
    • Bantin consoles a female elven ranger, Ninaran, who has recently lost her companions in a raid against this same kobold tribe. She spoke briefly of fiery death, and warns him to stay out of clearings.
    • That night the party returns to Valthrun the Sage’s home. Searos enters the back door and finds the old man frantically writing in his library, poring over a multitude of books. The party enters, surprising the sage, but after he quickly takes stock of the group he begins hastily explaining how the work and research he has done points toward dire events happening. When he hears of the kobold cave, and the warnings they heard from the kobolds and Ninaran, he grows even more concerned and presses the party harder to go to this cave.
    • The following morning the party leaves, retracing their steps to where they fought the kobolds. They turn north and head in the direction the kobold indicated they would find a cave. Along the way they start to notice large clearings in the forest and, heeding Ninaran’s advice, stick to the woods. Geoffrei hears the sound of an injured animal, but investigating the noise leads them to one of the clearings. It has been scorched and blasted clear, and the bodies of a number of wolves lie about the area. One badly burned and injured wolf clings to life at the edge of the clearing. Geoffrei tries to comfort it, but in the end is forced to end its misery.
    • Moving farther north, the party comes across a cliffside. The edge of the cliff has been cleared of trees and is home to a magma plain similar to the clearings, along with a large chunk of ice that seems to have sprouted from the earth. A cultist stands at an altar before a large rift in the air, connecting this plane to the elemental planes of fire and water. Battle is swiftly joined between the party and the cultist, who is joined by a number of fiery elemental creatures, including some captured and corrupted wolves that have been infused with the essence of fire. In the end, the party stands triumphant, and notice that there is a hole in the cliff face below them leading down into darkness.
    Session 001
    The Road to Winterhaven
    • Party meets in Aspenbrook for the first time, each having been hired on as guards accompanying the merchant Estevan Belgros, his family, and his wagon to the village of Winterhaven
      • Bantin Tarmikos bids his wife and son farewell as he leaves home to find work as a caravan guard once more, having given up on his poor carpentry skills as a means to support them
      • Salemar Valevi and Paradox Aedrenica continue their journey from Avgard in a mutually beneficial arrangement: one for knowledge, one for added protection
      • Searos Gladdenstone and Geoffrei were just passing through, always on the move, and still concerned over the disturbing event they both bore witness to
    • A day out on the road the party meets a band of bounty hunters searching for a half-orc thief and murderer traveling the opposite direction. They party tells them they have seen no signs of him.
    • On the third day, the party detects an ambush just before it can be sprung. The wagon is left behind in some cover while the party engages a band of kobolds. Shortly before dispatching the last of them, the wagon is lit on fire and Estevan’s children panic and flee. The party is able to save the wagon from serious damage and recover Estevan’s children.
    • A kobold prisoner is interrogated and tells of a cave to the north which the kobolds use a base, inhabited by “hot burnies” and “wet coldies”. The party is eager to visit this cave upon the completion of their contract with Estevan. After dispensing this information, while the rest of the party is arguing what they should do with him, the kobold is summarily executed by Searos.
    • During the night a pack of wolves feeds on the slain kobolds while the party is camped some distance away. The following day, around mid-morning, they arrive at Winterhaven.
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