Brief History of Kern

The Breaking of Nerath

Kern is a world still recovering from the collapse of its last great ruling empire, the Human nation of Nerath. Corruption and betrayal amongst the ruling caste split the empire into a number of splinter factions, all vying for a newly vacant throne. While the human armies clashed and weakened themselves fighting each other, the monstrous humanoid races seized the opportunity to strike back. Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds and Lizardmen surged out of their caves and swamps, striking the final blow to the divided empire and breaking its strength forever. Larger settlements fortified themselves as best they could against the onslaught, while smaller villages were mostly abandoned and left at the mercy of the wild humanoids.

200 years later, the wilderness is still mostly untamed. The monstrous humanoids became less of a problem as the decades went by and the easier prey disappeared behind the walls of fortified cities. These larger cities that survived declared themselves and their surrounding areas as independent nations, known collectively as the Karthian Nations. Trade routes have been established between major cities, and some smaller towns have sprung up along these routes. Trade caravans travel under heavy escort because of the still ever present danger. Leaving the well-traveled roads is almost unheard of; only fortune seekers looking for the hidden wealth and artifacts of the old Nerathian Empire are willing to finance and risk such ventures.

Kern Today

In recent years, rumours have begun to spread of disturbing events happening across Kern. Elven travelers speak of whole communities being wiped out, burnt to the ground. Dwarven merchants whisper of unnaturally precise cave-ins and sinkholes, eliminating any evidence of settlements having ever been there. Eerie storms sweep across the plains, flooding lowlands villages and setting fire to the grasslands. People across Kern are unsettled, while the wise men and oracles remain silent about these strange phenomenon.

Something is not right with the world, and it seems to be getting worse..

Brief History of Kern

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