This clan of orcs lives deep in the heart of the Spinebreaker mountains.

They were recently forced into service under the newly empowered Demonlord Jon ‘The Con’ Talor. A number of their clan were forced to accept fiery, demonic presences into their bodies. When the Siege-Enders defeated Jon and The Guardian was led to redemption, new chieftainship of the clan was determined via a Battle Royale in the arena. Geoffrei threw his hat into the ring, having earned the respect of several orcs for his strength in battle, and emerged victorious.

Notable Members

  • Bloodfist Lorgaz – Geoffrei’s right-hand orc, an old guard veteran. Lorgaz was the last orc left standing in the Battle Royale, bested by Geoffrei in one-on-one combat. He leads the clan while Geoffrei attends to other matters in the world. As per his orders, Lorgaz musters the Tanarruk for war against the elemental forces of chaos. They will begin with the fiery elementals in the southern reaches of their mountain home.
  • Elder Seer Goldrak – An ancient orc that serves as the clan’s spiritual, religious, and mystic leader. He advises Lorgaz and Geoffrei and is responsible for the training of the younger generation of seers. Mostly deaf.


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