Floating Bonuses

Floating bonus: A +2 bonus that can be applied to any single d20 roll made in a particular session. This bonus affects the base number that shows on the d20 (i.e. instead of a d20 roll of 14 counting as 14 + modifiers + 2 when the floating bonus is applied, it would count as 16 + modifiers). Yes, this means that a floating bonus applied to an 18 or 19 counts as a natural 20. Note that you cannot modify the base number beyond 20; applying the floating bonus to an already rolled 20 is pointless.

Occasionally there will be updates to the wiki pages made by the DM that will contain small “catch me” sentences (e.g. “Let the dm know where you saw this for a floating bonus.”). If you are the first one to email/message the DM about that particular “catch me”, you will have one floating bonus available to your character in the next gaming session.

The other way to earn a floating bonus for your character is to write up an adventure log entry for a gaming session. Whether the entry takes the form of a journal entry from the point of view of your character, or from the perspective of some third party narrator, or a general summary of what the party did/what happened to the party is up to you.
*Edit: If you’d like to write a journal entry from your character’s perspective, including their thoughts/etc., then you may want to create a forum thread (ala The Doctor’s Journal). That’s probably a cleaner way to keep character perspectives organized, and allows for both a summary of the session to be kept in the adventure log and any character perspectives to be posted without any issue.

Floating bonuses earned by writing an adventure log/journal entry are worth +3 rather than +2.

Also, when creating an adventure log, in the Tags section type “log”, so that the adventure logs are searchable by session from the main wiki page. Makes looking for particular entries much more convenient than searching through the adventure logs page by page, especially as the number of entries grow.

Disclaimer: Any floating bonuses that could be/are granted may be denied/revoked/changed/extended/multiplied according to DM fiat.

Floating Bonuses

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