Avgard is the capital city of Tarnwood, one of the Karthian Nations. The city is located at the fork of the southern King’s Road and Darkenvale Pass.

The city has a reputation of being more loose when it comes to the letter of the law, and many misdemeanors go unreported, or are ignored by guardsmen “looking the other way” for a cut. Despite this, the city is also known for welcoming outcasts, and there is a strong sense of community across the various districts that make up the central area of the city.

The governing Merchant Council is made up of the following members:

  • Lord Cruor Milner (Human) – Spokesman for the council. Animal trader.
  • Lady Janatra Drovers (Female) – Weaver’s Guild/Tailoring and hidden bonus supplies
  • Lord Paneak Shipsail (Human) – Deceased; slain fighting invading Lizardfolk of the Black Wyrmtalon. Metals/ore.
  • Lady Brenys Chorster (Human) – Lumber and wood products
  • Lord Walgeon Gellantara (Half-elf) – Arms & Armour


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