Dawn War Vision

In the underground ruins inhabited by the necromancer Agera, the party discovered an ancient shrine of the gods. This shrine consisted of an empty fountain with three irregularly shaped indents around its border in a circular chamber. The party had in its possession two pieces of a broken circular disk that matched with two of the indentation. When the first piece was placed, the fountain burst into new life with a gently glowing stream of water. When the second was placed the chamber they stood in was transformed as a series of murals shone forth from the previously blank walls, moving as if they were alive.

First Vision
A war is raging. Colossal titans battling against dragons of all colours, metallic and chromatic alike. Armies of the lesser races, humans, elves, dwarves, clash against elementals and archons, bearing the insignia of a storming thunderhead striking the ground where fire is erupting. The gods are a part of this struggle as well; numerous avatars are engaged in combat with massive elemental beings. A towering wall of fire engulfs the avatar of Bahamut while Tiamat is hurled to the ground by a massive worm pulsating with electricity. The Traveler weaves through the skies away from a gargantuan tornado, and Melora struggles to maintain control over her own natural creations.

The walls shift and warp, and refocus away from the battlefield, though you can tell this new area is still nearby…

Second Vision
You see six figures standing in a circle in a forest clearing, all clearly humanoid. Three of the figures are clad in mail armour, while the other three wear thick robes. Colours shift and change across each figure, a reflection of the swirling orb that floats in the center of the circle. A metal disc lies underneath the orb. The orbs is drawn into the disk, which begins to glow. The disc and the six figures move between six large columns, and shackles made of shimmering light appear from each of the columns.

The walls of the room warp once more, focused once again on the surging battle…

Third Vision
The forces of the Primordials are pushing forth; the gods and their minions are in retreat against the elemental onslaught. At the edge of the battle six figures appear, shadowed against the backdrop of the glowing disc. The disc catches the attention of the Primordials, and enrages them. Colossal beings of fire and lightning, ice and earth, bear down upon the figures, bellowing and screaming their hatred. The figures stand fast. Just before the Primordials reach them, the disc flashes once, and six shackles stream outwards, catching the raging beings with unerring aim. The scene fades until your consciousness perceives only a circle, full of roiling fire and lightning. The circle is pierced by six spears, and the turmoil in the circle calms, and eventually stills.

The murals on the walls fade back to their original blank stone. With only two of the three missing pieces fitted into the fountain, the Doctor attempts to act as a vessel for the divine, channeling the power required to fill in the final missing talisman at personal cost. Several moments after this link is established, the room disappears and your minds are filled with a series of images once again…

Fourth Vision
The circle pierced with spears fills your mind. Something is different now; the spears begin to crack and splinter. A sudden glimpse of the glowing disc, shattering into three parts. The circle begins to swirl anew, sparks and flames growing stronger. A number of images flow through your thoughts, each one depicting a large monument next to six columns arranged in a semicircle: One next to a frozen lake; a swampy island; a verdant forest; a sunny field; a sandy valley; and an ancient stone keep.

The Doctor collapses to the floor, exhausted. The images fade from the plain stone walls one last time, but the things you have seen here are now burned into your memories.

Dawn War Vision

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