Quorith Plains

The Quorith Plains stretch far to the west from the Karthian region. Its gentle slopes and flat landscape are home to the Quori Nomads and both longtooth and razorclaw shifters.

Large herds of spirehorn behemoths make their annual autumn migration to the north, where they disappear into the thick, impenetrable mists in the northeast for several months before reappearing and heading back south. A large valley in the south-western plains marks the ancestral graveyard where elder and sickly spirehorn go to die.

Longtooth shifter tribes and packs of wolves live along the eastern edge of the plains, in the shadow of the Spinebreaker mountains. Across the western edge of the plains razorclaw shifters make their homes atop an escarpment along the coastline. Stoneclaw cats prowl along the escarpment and into the plains below.

Two human cities were established as trading centers and safe havens, Norvale and Souvale, in the north and south respectively. Souvale was lost and destroyed long ago, and no attempts at resettling the area ever took hold.

In Recent Times

A band of human warriors calling themselves the Greenpoint Brotherhood have taken to “protecting” the people of the plains. At their outset they patrolled the road leading to Norvale and kept travelers safe from Quorith raiders. Their increasingly racist pro-human agenda has earned them the enmity of both the Quorith and the shifters native to the plains. The longtooth shifters in particular have borne the brunt of their aggressive stance, since their ancestral homes are very close to the Brotherhood’s stronghold in the northeast.

The separate and normally rival bands of Quorith elves have been flocking together under the banner of the Stormlords. These Stormlords have gained great power over the weather, which they claim was granted from a source locked within the impenetrable mists, which they were somehow able to get through. The empowered Quorith sacked Norvale, burning it to the ground. They have taken a great number of humans as prisoners and slaves as they move back towards the mists, following the Stormlords’ promise of power.

Quorith Plains

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