The Bladesworn Legion

Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.

The Bladesworn Legion is an order of soldiers sworn to a single purpose: defending the good men, women, and children of the civilized world from whatever forces would threaten them. The Legion holds that every person has the right to defend themselves. To foster this mentality, Legion outposts offer basic training exercises for any civilians that care to take part. As a result, areas with or that used to have a Legion presence are generally better equipped to repel attackers than areas without. Some folk are bolstered merely by hearing the Legion’s words: Unbowed, unbent, unbroken.

Entry into the Bladesworn Legion is open to those with some military training, but there is also a character component. Only those who are judged to truly have concern for the well-being of their fellows are recruited. Rank is determined by a combination of skill, experience, and an increasingly rigorous evaluation of character. The Bladesworn leadership maintains a high moral threshold that keeps any questionable candidates from joining the order, to prevent the corruption that is rank in the recently splintered Homeguard.


No one who wants to defend their homes and family is turned away from the legion. Every man, woman, and child who has the willingness to learn is given some basic training in whatever tools and weaponry they have at hand. This sort of combat training is enough to provide at least a modicum of mental and physical discipline, and makes a definite difference in the face of actual danger.

Progression through the Legion


The entry level of the legion proper. These soldiers mainly consist of men or women that have gone through basic training, and want to take a more active role in the defence of Kern. Whether they have already lost their loved ones and homes, or wish to take the fight to the enemy, for many this is the place they feel they are needed. Or perhaps they simply understand that now is the time that every man and woman must stand together against the encroaching doom.


Those soldiers that have weathered the enemy’s attacks and forged in the fires of combat serving with the Legion may find themselves elevated to the rank of Dedicated. Officers of larger units are generally Dedicated, and small task forces consisting of Dedicated are often assigned specific critical missions in larger confrontations.


Only the most proven and trustworthy soldiers in the Legion attain the rank of Bladesworn. These men and women have laid their lives on the line dozens upon dozens of times to defend their people, and will do so again without question or pause.

The Bladesworn Legion

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