The Northern Clans

Little is known about the Northern Clans who live in the frozen tundra beyond the Frostpeaks, because very few make the perilous journey across the mountain range. Sighting a clansman south of the mountains is an even rarer occurrence, but is immediately obvious due to the unique appearance of their fur-lined cobalt-steel mail.

The clans sometimes war with one another, and a few times have mounted large raids into the south, lasting a year or more, but this has not happened in recent decades. Rumours say that the clans have been united under the banner of a great leader, whom they call ‘The King in the North’. Whether this means a new assault from the North is imminent or not remains to be seen.

Recent Events:
A clansman is reported to have been sighted near Winterhaven. Farming families were fleeing from attacking elementals when the clansman burst onto the scene, laughing and singing war chants as he lay into the creatures with his Rimeblade.

The party encountered a clansman south of the Frostpeaks, near the eastern edge of the Quorith Plains, called Eirik who Jams the Gates of the Underworld. He claimed to have come south with two of his fellow members of the Skorvald, Hervard of the Iron Gale and Thrym of the Mighty Blows, at behest of their King in the North.

The Northern Clans

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